We help you build apps with speed, confidence, and clarity

The BlockSpan NFT API platform enables devs to build applications
seamlessly in days, not months.

1. Instant access

We provide instant access to all the NFT and token metadata you need so you can begin building robust apps with confidence.

2. Customized solutions

Our mission is to serve software companies and builders where you’re at so you can easily scale in the most proactive and cost-effective manner possible.

3. Proactive support

We’re growing a vibrant community and best-in-class support system, where you can share your vision, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest BlockSpan developments.

A community-first approach

Here’s what our builders are saying.

Learn how real developers are thriving with BlockSpan API technology.

“BlockSpan helped us leap past numerous complexities that integrating with blockchain technology brings to the table. It’s an amazing tool!”

James C.

“Thankfully, getting blockchain data is now basically painless. BlockSpan has allowed us to focus on innovation while giving us access to token data that is the backbone of our new NFT app.”

Rashid R.

“BlockSpan is the best friend I didn’t know I needed.”

Henry S.

“We started with BlockSpan’s free account and were stunned at how quickly we developed our app. Our roadmap was cut down by at least 3 months. Can’t say enough about this NFT API platform!”

Jenny W.

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What we do

The last Blockchain API you’ll need

You’ve got the know-how, we’ve got the tools. Let’s make the magic happen together.

Build with speed & efficiency

Work smarter, not harder. Simplicity is key to keeping things flowing.

Access real-time data

Never miss a beat by supplying your user base with all the data they need in real-time.

Eliminate the Intermediary

Directly access NFT metadata and activity, bypassing IPFS or middlemen delays and data issues.

Free access to endless data

Start for free, or push your business to the limits with our affordable contract-free plans.

  • +400M

    ERC721 & ERC1155 tokens

  • +500K

    Token contracts

  • +1B

    Token transfers

Creating a culture of
innovation and transparency

We thrive on big ideas, transparency, and possibility and
love connecting with like-minded humans.

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Cached NFT images and videos

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