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Creating Interactive NFT Experiences: APIs for Gamification and Augmented Reality

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have transformed the digital asset landscape, revolutionizing art, collectibles, and more. However, the potential of NFTs extends beyond static representations. By integrating NFTs into games and leveraging augmented reality (AR), developers can create immersive and interactive experiences that captivate users. In this blog post, we will explore how API developers can contribute to the creation of such experiences, enabling gamification and augmented reality functionalities that enhance the value of NFTs.



Bitcoin NFTs gaining popularity second only to Ethereum

Bitcoin NFTs are gaining popularity as they climb to the second spot in NFT sales per blockchain in the past 30 days, according to CryptoSlam, a Web3 data platform. This highlights the increasing demand and interest in Bitcoin-themed NFTs within the ever-growing NFT market. Gross sales for Bitcoin NFTs reached $167 million during this period, thriving better than those on the Solana network by almost three times – totaling approximately $57 million.



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