Empowering Web3 with Advanced NFT Data and Analytics

BlockSpan redefines the landscape of Web3 development with its integrated NFT data and analytics APIs. Our platform equips builders and enterprises with the tools to rapidly deploy innovative, secure, and data-driven Web3 applications, transforming complex blockchain data into actionable insights.

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Solving Complex Challenges in NFT Data and Analytics

With BlockSpan, you can stop scraping block logs and building from scratch. Build powerful NFT apps in days, not months.

Advanced Analytics and Pricing Insights

Unlock precise valuation of NFTs, including complex transactions like swaps and bundles, with our cutting-edge analytics.

Robust Spam Detection

Safeguard your platform and users with our efficient spam NFT detection, ensuring a secure and reliable NFT experience.

Dynamic NFT Traits and Search Capabilities

Enhance user engagement with advanced search features and detailed trait analysis for a superior NFT discovery experience.

Real-Time Metadata Updates

Stay ahead with continuous re-indexing of metadata, ensuring your NFT data is always current and accurate, even for dynamic NFTs.

Seamless ENS Integration

Incorporate ENS names effortlessly into your applications, eliminating the complexity of direct ENS lookups.

Optimized Image Delivery

Experience faster load times and eliminate timeouts with our optimized CDN-backed image caching for all NFT media types.

Cross-Platform Marketplace Intelligence

Access consolidated data on listings and pricing trends across multiple marketplaces through a single, streamlined API.

Broad Blockchain Compatibility

Leverage our extensive support for leading blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism, with more on the horizon.

Discover our APIs

Core NFT Data API

The foundational gateway to comprehensive NFT data, offering unparalleled access to essential blockchain insights

Collections: Comprehensive Market Exploration

Comprehensive Collection Information

Access detailed information on any NFT Collection by contract address.

Highlights include collection size, functions, rarity rankings, and spam tagging.

Ownership Insights

Verify current ownership and scope for gated access applications.

Includes total collections owned, number of tokens, and ownership quantity.

Marketplace Analysis

Analyze sales data from major marketplaces like OpenSea, LooksRare.

Detailed metrics include market cap, volume, floor price, total minted, and supply.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Detailed NFT Metadata and Transaction History

Comprehensive metadata, transaction history, and efficient CDN-cached images

Advanced filtering by traits, rarity, transfers, and mint dates.

Fuzzy Matching for NFT Discovery

Discover NFT collections with intuitive fuzzy matching technology.

Identify top collections, including token names and detailed descriptions.

Metadata Refresh Capabilities

Manually refresh metadata for single NFT, entire collections, or by wallet address.

Ensures up-to-date metadata, crucial for dynamic and soulbound NFTs.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Comprehensive Transfer Data

Detailed recent and historical transfer data, filterable by type and chain.

Specific collection, NFT, and wallet address transfer tracking.

Advanced Pricing Attribution

Accurate USD sale prices for transfers, with currency. (ETH, MATIC, USDT, etc).

Handle complex transactions including bundle sales, swaps and Uniswap positions.

In-Depth Transfer Analysis

Insights on transfer quantity, addresses, and authorized operators.

Detailed block information: number, timestamp, hash, log, and batch index.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Accurate Ownership Insights

Real-time tracking of NFT collections and tokens ownership.

Differentiates wallet and contract addresses for precise ownership status.

ENS Name Resolution

Integrates ENS for converting wallet addresses to readable names.

Simplifies wallet identification via ENS, enhancing blockchain interaction.

Ownership Distribution

Highlights unique and total owners within a collection for insightful analysis.

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Core Nft Colection Image

NFT Analytics API

A sophisticated tool for analyzing wallet activities, providing a 360-degree view of holdings, transactions, and patterns.

Collection Analytics: Deep Dive into Dynamics and Trends

Price Summary and Historical Analysis

Access sales pricing summaries and history for any collection by contract address.

Compare price momentum across various periods (1 day, 7 days, 30 days).

Transfer and Price Validity Tracking

Track total Transfers and count of valid prices for analysis within specified periods.

Focus on non-zero value token transfers, covering a majority of use cases.

Trait Rarity Analysis

Analyze trait rarity counts within collections for rarity ranking.

Useful for understanding the uniqueness and distribution of traits in a collection.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Top NFT Valuation and Trends

Identify top-valued NFTs across chains by USD price, including price and transfer data.

Filter and analyze by collection or price range for detailed NFT insights.

NFT Transfer History and Activity Trends

Analyze NFT transfer history, total transfers, sales, mints, burns, and unique activities.

Provides comprehensive sales volume metrics in native and USD currencies.

Rarity Rank and Score Analysis

Utilize OpenRarity for ranking and scoring, assessing NFT rarity and uniqueness.

Essential for comprehensive NFT value assessment based on rarity factors.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Wallet Analytics API

Explore comprehensive analytics for NFTs, encompassing in-depth collection trends, performance insights, and individual token analysis.

Top Active Owners Analysis

Identify top active wallet addresses by transaction volume within specified timeframes.

Analyze influential players and high-activity users in the NFT space.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Develop an API to estimate the net worth of individual wallets, considering NFT assets.

Differentiate net worth based on current value and historical trading activity.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Exchange Analytics API

Access real-time data on marketplace activities, including pricing trends across various platforms

Exchange Collections Ranking

Access rankings of top exchange collections based on specified metrics.

Track top collections on platforms like OpenSea and LooksRare.

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Core Nft Colection Image

Analyze market trends and performance of collections across exchanges.

Useful for understanding market movements and collection popularity.

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Core Nft Colection Image

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