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  • How do I get started?

    To get started, create a Blockspan account. You will be assigned to the free Developer plan and receive an API key automatically.

  • How can I upgrade my BlockSpan plan?

    To upgrade your BlockSpan plan, please sign in to your account, click on the Billing tab and select the desired higher plan. For the custom Enterprise plan, please submit a request in the Contact and Support section.

  • How can I downgrade my BlockSpan plan?

    To downgrade your BlockSpan plan, please sign in to your account, click on the Billing tab and select the desired lower plan.

  • Can I create multiple accounts with BlockSpan?

    We request you to please limit one free-to-use BlockSpan developer account per person. Not doing so may result in your account being suspended and experiencing downtime.

  • How can I pay for the service?

    We accept the following forms of payments securely through Stripe: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, and JCB.

  • I am outside the United States. Will my price be different?

    No, you will be charged the amount listed on the plan in US Dollars. Your local costs may vary with currency exchange rate fluctuations.

  • Is there a minimum contract for the paid plans?

    There are no long-term commitments for any of our plans. You may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime based on your needs.

  • Does my subscription automatically renew?

    Yes, our paid plans are billed automatically each month with no long-term contracts. You can downgrade to the free Developer plan at any time based on your changing needs.

  • How are plan upgrades or downgrades billed?

    Upgrades are effective immediately, and your account will be charged the prorated difference per plan. Account downgrades take effect the following billing cycle and result in a refund in the form of account credit to use against future upgrades. You will not receive a refund back to the card used for the original payment.

  • What chains and NFT tokens are supported?

    We support multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism and Binance with more coming soon. NFT tokens include ERC-721 and ERC-1155.

  • Where can I find my API key?

    You will find it on the API Keys tab within your dashboard on the BlockSpan website

  • What are the limits for API requests?

    Our free-to-use Developer plan currently has a limit of 25K requests per month. Once over this limit, free accounts are temporarily suspended until the beginning of the following month. Our Professional Plan has a limit of 150K requests per month, with all additional requests over this limit billed at $0.0008 per request. Note both Developer and Professional plans support upto 100 requests per second. If you need higher limits and or a custom plan, please reach out to us through the Contact and Support section.

  • Where can I find my monthly usage and remaining limits?

    You can either find it on the Usage tab within your dashboard or preferably checking the response header for your api call. Please see the Documentation section for more information.

  • I need more support. How can I get in touch?

    If you have already looked at the Documentation section and are also unable to find what you are looking for in these FAQs, please contact us on Discord using the link at the bottom of this page or submitting a ticket in the Contact and Support section.

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