Published October 23, 2023

At BlockSpan, we've always been at the forefront of blockchain data solutions. A couple of months ago, we proudly unveiled our state-of-the-art NFT Analytics Dashboard, a platform designed to provide comprehensive insights into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Today, we're excited to delve deeper into some of the dashboard's standout features, focusing on the Top Collections set of analytics.

Spotlight: Top Collections Analytics

One of the most anticipated features of our dashboard is the ability to view top collections based on Volume, Sales, and Average Price dimensions. Users can now gain insights for Total, 1 Day, 7 Day, and 30 Day timeframes.

Why is this valuable?

Having a clear view of top-performing collections allows investors and enthusiasts to identify trends, understand market dynamics, and make informed decisions. For instance, observing a sudden spike in sales volume for a particular collection over a 7-day timeframe could indicate a surge in its popularity or an upcoming event related to it.


Powerful Filtering for Detailed Collection Insights

When users drill down into a specific collection, they're now equipped with advanced filtering options:

  1. Filter by Rarity Rank: This allows users to segment NFTs based on their rarity. Understanding rarity can be crucial for collectors and investors alike. A rare NFT might hold more value or be considered a prized possession in a collection.

  2. Filter by Specific Traits: Traits can define the uniqueness of an NFT within a collection. By filtering based on specific traits, users can identify NFTs that align with their interests or investment strategies.

Future Use Cases: As the NFT space evolves, collections could represent access, with different traits unlocking varying levels of benefits. Imagine an NFT collection where owning a specific trait grants you exclusive access to events, content, or even physical goods.


Deep Dive into Collection Analytics

Our dashboard doesn't just stop at top-level insights. Users can:

  • Understand Volume and Sales Momentum: Track how a collection is performing over time, helping to predict future trends or identify investment opportunities.

  • Explore the Floor Price: Gain insights into the minimum price at which an NFT is currently listed for sale in a particular collection, crucial for potential buyers and sellers.

  • Owner Distribution Analysis: Our dashboard provides a breakdown of how NFTs are distributed among owners. For instance, understanding that 80% of owners have only one item while 15% have 2-3 items can provide insights into the collection's diversity and concentration.

Why is this valuable?

A more distributed ownership might indicate a broader interest in the collection, while a concentrated ownership could signify that a few individuals or entities hold significant power or influence over it.


Additionally, users can view the top active owners for a collection, providing insights into who the major players or influencers are within that NFT space.


BlockSpan's enhanced NFT Analytics Dashboard is more than just a tool; it's a comprehensive platform designed to empower users with actionable insights in the ever-evolving NFT market. As we continue to innovate and add features, we remain committed to bridging the gap between complex blockchain data and everyday users.

For a firsthand experience of our dashboard and to explore these features in detail, visit BlockSpan's NFT Analytics Dashboard.

Written by Nikhil

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