Published November 6, 2023

The evolution of social networking is taking a significant leap forward with the introduction of Lens Protocol V2. This upgrade is not just a step up in features but a giant leap for the decentralized social networking space, further enriched by the integration of BlockSpan's NFT data capabilities.

What is Lens Protocol?

Lens Protocol is a decentralized social graph that lays the foundation for a new era of social media platforms. Launched on Polygon in May 2022, it is designed to record social interactions as NFTs and on-chain data, providing a composable and decentralized framework for developers.

The Revolutionary V2 Upgrade

The V2 upgrade of Lens Protocol introduces groundbreaking features like Collective Value Share, Open Actions, and integration with the ERC-6551 standard. These enhancements are set to redefine user experience and expand the protocol's capabilities.

Open Actions and ERC-6551 Integration

One of the most notable features of V2 is "Open Actions," which allows users to execute actions from external smart contracts directly within the Lens platform. This means users can mint NFTs or perform other contract actions without leaving the Lens environment. With oracle support, these actions can even extend across different blockchains.

The integration with the ERC-6551 standard allows for a more nuanced control of value distribution. Instead of directing value to the owner's address, it can now be attributed to profiles, adding a new layer of functionality and user experience.

Enhanced Security with Profile Manager

Security is a paramount concern in any online interaction, and Lens Protocol V2 addresses this with the Profile Manager feature. It enables users to delegate social actions to different wallets, including hardware wallets or smart contracts, without compromising on security. This feature also supports gasless and signless transactions and is compatible with the Account Abstraction standard.

User Control and Trust & Safety

Lens Protocol V2 enhances user control by allowing users to block actions on their profiles. This on-chain profile blocking mechanism is a significant step towards improving Trust & Safety across Lens clients. Additionally, the Profile Guardian feature introduces a 7-day cooldown period for profile transfers to reduce phishing attacks.

BlockSpan's Role in Enhancing Lens Protocol

BlockSpan's NFT data can play a pivotal role in enriching the Lens Protocol ecosystem. By providing comprehensive NFT analytics, BlockSpan can help users understand the value and rarity of NFTs minted within the Lens environment. This data can be crucial for creators and collectors to gauge the market sentiment and make informed decisions.

Potential Use Cases with BlockSpan Integration

With BlockSpan's NFT data integration, virtual real estate in the metaverse could be analyzed for trends and valuation, creating a more interactive and personalized user experience. Educational platforms could leverage the protocol to issue verifiable credentials, with BlockSpan's data providing additional layers of trust and validation. E-commerce platforms could integrate social features directly into their platforms, with insights into NFT ownership distribution aiding in targeted marketing and customer engagement strategies.


Lens Protocol V2 is not just an upgrade; it's a vision for the future of social networking. It empowers users and developers with more control, security, and flexibility, paving the way for innovative applications that could reshape the social media landscape. With the added dimension of BlockSpan's NFT data, the possibilities for creators, collectors, and users are even more expansive.

For a firsthand experience of our dashboard and to explore these features in detail, visit BlockSpan's NFT Analytics Dashboard.

Written by Nikhil

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